Final Reflection Edtech 543

I had to start this reflection by literally reflecting on my first blog post in this class.  For example, at the beginning of the class, when I was asked what my experience was in terms of using social media for my own professional development, I stated, “ I never really thought about social media as a professional development tool.” 

I literally laughed out loud at myself for that response.  Oh, sure, it was an honest response to the question at the time (just a little over 3 months ago), but my laughter came from the learner I have become reflecting on the learner that I once was: a naïve participant in social media for very little purpose but to connect with others on a superficial, although sometimes personal level.

Here is how I would answer this question today:

My experience with using social media for my own professional development has evolved through the use of social media; in fact, it has been magnified by utilizing Twitter, webinars, Google +, among other sites.  I continually make connections with educators from all over the country, and I learn new things everyday.  These connections have become my authentic professional development; in other words, the trainings I have been required to take part in for the past 16 years pale in comparison to what I learn from my peers through social media.  I can’t begin to keep up with all the new things I learn!  I’m excited that my PLN is growing, and when I am finished with my Masters, and I can focus even more on my professional growth, I am going to start seriously blogging.

I really learned so much in this class; I am extremely happy that I chose this course and I have to say that I am proud of myself for choosing it because I knew that so much of the course content was going to be new to me, and I also knew it would be a huge challenge.  But that is what this degree, at least for me, is all about: challenging myself to be a better teacher and a better collaborator.  I have to say that with every semester, that goal is being achieved. 

I think that I should receive 75/75 for my blog.  My responses were thorough and I completed my blogs on time.  I also included all the necessary evidence and met the necessary criteria. 


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