Walled Gardens

Walled Gardens

This is a VoiceThread that discusses walled gardens and their impact on harnessing inspiring ways to use social media.  


2 thoughts on “Walled Gardens

  1. kjackimj says:

    You made a lot of great points, but the one that stood out was that you talked about how social networking is a powerful tool to use in the 21st century learning environment. I could not agree more. Using tools and media that they already use, as well as, having opportunities to expand their knowledge using forms of technology that they are less familiar with is a great way to engage learning and make learning meaningful to them. (I left this comment on your VoiceThread too.)

  2. Great ideas! I also believe that since our students have access and use social media on a regular basis, why not use it in the classroom? Playing on student strengths can help make more engaging learning experiences and they would be using something that they enjoy. A lot of schools (my current one included) don’t allow access for privacy purposes, but after this week exploring sites like Edmodo and Diigo, I’m totally for using social media in the classroom! Those sites aren’t accessible at my school, but I wish I could use them. Since students (even young elementary students) have access to mobile devices and already know how to network with them, I feel like we’d be able to do so much with sites like Edmodo and Diigo. Not only is it important for us to develop and teach technology skills so that students can survive today in our 21st century world, we also need to be teaching them how to communicate and network with these technologies.

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