Video Blog: The Benefits of Using Multimedia in the Classroom


6 thoughts on “Video Blog: The Benefits of Using Multimedia in the Classroom

  1. kjackimj says:

    Cynthia I really enjoyed watching your video blog. The images and visual effects were engaging. I would love to know what program you used to create your video. Besides the introduction video in another class and the video blog, I don’t have a lot of experience creating videos. Your vodcast provided a lot of useful information that was represented in a very creative way. Great job!

  2. cmills26 says:

    Thanks so much! I used iMovie. The special effect is called picture in picture.

  3. Paul Pichurski says:

    Nice work – I also connected to Gardner’s theories – great production and content.

  4. Really liked your video! Integrating music, the picture in picture effect, and the written slides were effective. Did you take YouTube for Educators? I took that last semester and learned so much about creating videos with iMovie. My video blog doesn’t show it though–it’s really simple compared to yours.

    You mentioned many relative advantages to using multimedia in the classroom and your video was concise. Great job!

  5. Cynthia, Nice job creating a video blog. I thought your post included really great content and was also very well created. Your sound quality, transitions, text, and camera images were all of good quality. Thanks for sharing!

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