School Environment Evaluation

In this assignment, students were required to learn about The Maturity Model Benchmarks developed in 1998 by Peter H.R. Sibley and Chip Kimball.  While the document is over 10 years old, it is relevant in that it identifies 5 major categories of the school environment (administrative, curricular, support, connectivity and innovation) and it breaks those categories down into sub categories and then into types.  When I first approached this assignment, I completed the survey sheet, but then I had to go back and adjust many of my initial assessments.  This is because as I got deeper into evaluating my school environment, I learned more about my institution; thus, the necessary changes were made to reflect my learning curve.  I now feel like I have a good foundation on which to build an informative argument as to what needs to be done at my school to increase technology use and implement strategies for training.  The following document is and evaluation of the technology environment using the Maturity Model Benchmarks of  Silver Sage High School, a pseudonym for the school I work at:

The following is the initial survey of the school environment:


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