Zotero Group Library

Link to Zotero Group Library:


Zotero Library: Shared Sources and Notes 

Using Zotero for research, organization, and collaboration:

Zotero allows the user to literally grab research right off the database or webpage, document it, take notes on it, and create and join groups in order to collaborate on research and on projects.

All of these tools benefit collaboration and group research.  From pooling sources, to sharing notes, to creating an annotated bibliography or any type of bibliography, this tool will not only keep the entire group organized, but it will also speed up the production of a group project.  For example, if a group is assigned to research the benefits of merit pay, each member can conduct his or her own research, save articles, take notes, and share it all in a group library, giving access to all the information to the members.  This interface is not only a great collaboration tool, but it is an extremely useful organizational tool because not only is everything in one place, it can be reorganized, if necessary, and placed in folders.

Using Zotero in the future:

Personally, I will use Zotero for future research.  I really like how it organizes my digital research, and it is a great tool for citing sources, no matter what style is required.  In addition, I know I will find it valuable to take notes on the research as I collect it.  I have an extremely busy schedule, and having those notes attached to the articles will definitely keep me organized and assist me with pulling my research together.  In addition, I find that the ability to create separate folders for the research will also aid in organizing my research, especially since I will use this interface for multiple projects from my Masters degree to teaching in the classroom.

Using Zotero in the classroom:

In terms of using this tool in my classroom, well, I already have!  My students are beginning their research  for a 5-8 page research paper that deals with a controversial issue of their choice.  First, we  downloaded Firefox on our Macs, and then we downloaded Zotero.  It was a little difficult to teach because it was new to me, but the timing was perfect, so I went for it!  My students thought it was really cool, especially the citing tool.  The only issue we had is that even when a student logs out, when another student from a different class logs in, he or she is synched with the former student’s account.  We figured out how to keep both accounts, but they are synched, thus connected together.  If I had more than two classes using Zotero, I don’t know how this would work.

ACET Standards and Rationales:

2.3 Computer-Based Technologies:  This standard is being met because this interface involves using a computer to produce or deliver materials.

4.1 Project Management: This standard is being met because this interface involves planning, monitoring, and developing a  project, and in this case, it is research based.


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