Horizon Report Tech Trends

This lesson plan was not only a lot of fun for me to teach, but my students really enjoyed it from start to finish. As I mentioned in my previous post, my students created a VoiceThread analyzing chapters in The Grapes of Wrath. They loved using this interface and are excited to use it again in other classes that require presentations.

My tech trends lesson plan incorporates my students’ VoiceThread presentations, and adds new technology that allowed me to assess their learning by using the following tools: M-Scorative and Evernote.

As students watched each groups’ VoiceThread presentations, they took notes on the Evernote interface and had a tab open for formative assessments on M-Socrative (student).

Evernote not only served multiple purposes for this lesson, but it also will be used on upcoming assignments.  For example, students were able to digitally share their notes with other students, students shared their notes with me so that I could assess their work, students were able to access their notes for their formative assessments on M-Socrative, students will be able to use their notes for an in-class essay final, and students can use the interface for other classes. In addition, not only does this interface allow students to take notes and keep them organized, it also allows them to record and take pictures, both useful additional tools that can capture important subject matter in the classroom.

M-Socrative is really easy to set up and use, especially since students do not have to sign up for anything.  This interface allowed me to ask my students short answer questions during transitional periods throughout the presentations and at the end of class as an exit ticket assessment.  This interface also allows instructors to upload several different types of quizzes such as true or false, and multiple choice.  Because formative assessments are vital to assessing student comprehension, this tool is valuable in that it is easy to use, easy to access, and engaging for the students.  In fact, my students thought it was fun.  In addition, it can be used as a scaffold for summative assessments because data can be saved and analyzed by the instructor to assist in building future assessments.

ACET Standards Rationales

2.4  Integrated Technologies: This standard has been met because students used several different types of media to produce and deliver information using a computer, including VoiceThread, Evernote, M-Socrative.  In addition, these technologies were integrated in such a way that they complimented each other and built off each other engaging and enhancing student learning.

3.1 Media Utilization: Media utilization is the systematic use of resources for learning and in this lesson plan the resources encompassed visual, audio, and hands on learning.

5.3 Formative and Summative Evaluation: Formative evaluation for this lesson was directly linked to the Evernote shared by each student with the instructor and also by utilizing M-Socrative for this purpose.  Summative evaluation will involve gathering information used in the formative assessments and applying it to create a summative assessment.


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