The Digital Divide Presentation


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Digital Divide Presentation – EdTech 501, posted with vodpod

     This was a really interesting, fun, and sometimes frustrating project.  To begin with, the content was very interesting and informative.  Through research and reading the commentary of fellow students, I learned a great deal about not only the history of the digital divide, but also how the definition has evolved and what different states are doing about this problem.  I was even enlightened about my own state, Idaho, as to what our Superintendent is striving for and why.  In addition, I learned a lot about how Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin are dealing with this, and I think that much of the country should follow their example.
     I really had a lot of fun collaborating on Blackboard and using Google Docs for notes and creating a Powerpoint that we could all work on at the same time!  That was cool!  I learned a lot about the technology, and even though it is a bit difficult sometimes in terms of multiple people speaking at once, there were definitely ways around that, and we all worked together to make it a success.  VoiceThread is also unique, and I liked learning and using the interface, though the doodle tool was a little annoying; I wish it worked better.
     Currently, my Honors English 11 students are creating a powerpoint in the same way that we were required to create,  but their only form of communication is through Google Docs; they cannot speak, or they lose points!   I want them to experience what I experienced; communication via writing; a clear and concise form of communication that involves thinking about the written word, the tone, and the intent. Most of my students were new to all of the ways that I showed them they could communicate using Google Docs (directly on the PP using comments, on the side chat area, or on a separate doc).  They are enjoying it very much, and I am too.  They have to actually copy and paste their chats for me and add them into their docs so that I can monitor their conversations and decisions.
     The frustrating aspect involved a few group members who were not truly committed to the project.  In fact, one member completely quit.   However, the group members who were dedicated followed through, and we produced a good product while learning to work together in a digital, collaborative environment.

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