Glog: Roll with it! The Evolution of ETECH Definition


NOTE:  THIS WILL PULL UP IN EDITING MODE; PLEASE CLICK ON PREVIEW TO VIEW.  Also, items move around each time the Glog is accessed, so please consider this because if something isn’t lined up, it was, and this is a glitch in the program.  Thank you.

I approached this assignment with the intent to create a Glog that I could actually use to teach at the high school level.  Although I wouldn’t normally teach the evolution of the definition of technology, I would, however, teach the evolution of Post Modernism.

I thought about my approach, and I envisioned presenting this Glog on a smartboard, so I came up with a game board theme because I thought it would be a good attention getter.  It’s colorful, and it leads the reader from start to finish, or in this case, infinity.  I added the # 1 pop hit for the decade and/or year because during our discussion of the evolution of post modernism, I would have my students make connections between the culture of the decade and the literature.  Similarly, I thought that in understanding the evolution of EDTECH, it is important to understand the culture and make connections between the two because not only does technology influence the culture, but the culture influences changes in technology, thereby forcing the definition of EDTECH to evolve.  Moreover, students love music, and I know it would add to their engagement in the lesson.

I learned a lot from this interface; some of the technology I liked while other aspects of it were a little frustrating.  To begin with, I liked having two layout options.  In addition, the features including the multimedia tools added much-needed dimension to the project.  On the other hand, not only would my project not save and share, but every time I pulled it up to work on, items would mysteriously be misplaced, and I had to constantly realign them.   I hope that these glitches can be resolved because they would impact my decision to use this interface or recommend it to my peers.

Rationale for AECT standard 2.0; 2.4

Not only is this glog a computer based instructional tool, but also it integrates technology using several forms of media including audiovisual and text to impact learning.


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