Introduction, Goals and Aspirations

Hi!  My name is Cynthia Mills, and I teach Honors English 11, Yearbook and Newspaper at Rocky Mountain High School in Meridian, Idaho.  I have been teaching for 15 years, and my experience has taught me that it is so important to be a life long learner, not only to be good at my job, but also for my own personal growth.  I am pursuing a degree in Educational Technology because I believe that technology is an imaginative, creative learning tool, and it is not only a hands on experience, but it is also individualistic.  My goals include earning a MET with a certificate in Integrating Technology into the Curriculum, enhancing my lesson plans with the knowledge I gain, paying it forward by teaching teachers and sharing with colleagues, and pursuing my Doctorate in EDTECH.


Exploring Online Learning


This first week has been an exploration for me.  I navigated around Moodle until I was dizzy, confused, and finally acclimated to the site.  I downloaded Firefox, signed up for multiple Ed Tech online news sources, signed up for other various accounts, including youtube, and purchased a year of Animoto to not only use for my 501 introduction but for my job.  I now have a log of all my user names and passwords because there are too many to remember!

Now, I’m blogging for the first time.  Learning how to set up this blog was fun, but it was frustrating too since I had no idea how to begin.  The videos definitely helped!  To say the least, this has been a learning experience thus far, and I look forward to using the technology that I am exploring, especially when it comes to integrating it into my lesson plans.  Currently, I am considering having my Honors English 11 students blog about their hours as they complete their Honors Project.  I think it would be pretty cool, and I can actually teach them how to use wordpress.  You know what they say, when you teach it, you learn it at the highest level.  It’s worth a shot, and most likely, they’ll teach me a thing or two!